TRNSACT Finance Software Offers Modules Designed Specifically for Commercial Equipment Dealerships

You are #1. We come from the industry and we know how slow and inefficient the commercial lending process can be. So much paperwork! You want to help your customers buy equipment faster. We want to replace your overly complex financing processes with a simple and powerful solution that drives sales and finds new revenue streams. Together we can create a smooth financing experience for you and your equipment customers.

Top Features for Dealers

With TRNSACT, you can effortlessly integrate an online credit application into your website and sales quotes, unlocking a world of benefits for your equipment finance managers. You can include links to your custom online credit app via text, email, and QR codes. This is a game changer as customers can apply for financing wherever they are, including trade shows.

The TRNSACT dealer hub automates credit checks and organizes every step of the lending process for you in one portal. Approvals, lender messages, supporting documentation, signatures- all of it. Trnsact’s Credit Hub finance module allows you to connect with your preferred lender via API integration and reduces the time to funding by automating your lender waterfall in the case of a denial.

Trnsact’s Red Flag Check module makes it effortless to check into every company and customer you sell to. Our software automatically stores OFAC documentation for you as an extra layer of protection. Integrating red flag checks seamlessly into your current finance process will help your leadership team avoid costly penalties without extra work.

Equipment Dealer Benefits

Join the 250+ dealer locations that have deployed Trnsact to transform their financing, speed up the sales process, and drive more revenue. Book a quick, personalized demo with our Dealer Program Manager, Ross Stites. Ross is a Certified Finance and Lease Professional with over 15 years in the industry.

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